Friday, 13 September 2013

Pencil Sharpeners History and Different Types

Our ancient people used penknives to sharpen these pencils. With lack of technology these tools were exploited more and more in old times. Nowadays with the new innovative ideas these sharpeners became easier to perform the task. Coming to the history of these promotional tools began from 1828. The person's name Extwaux the theory had invented these manual tools to the world.
Actually the pencil sharpener is a perfect item's use for cutting to bring perfect shape. In olden days the wood was popularly used for manufacturing these promotional products. Observe the functionality of this tool in detail, pencil is inserted in to a point where graphite shapes like tip of the pencil with more sharp. Pencils are intended to write something new any piece of paper. Make sure the quality of the pencil depends upon the graphite or lead used as shell of the wooden frame. If the pencil edge is blunted these sharpeners shapes as point for writing. As per the purpose these tools are varied from work to work. Study that there are a several sharpeners variety of sizes and types. The sharpeners depend upon the thickness of the pencil which we use for different purposes.

These sharpeners are generally made of different materials for handling and carrying with our effort. In olden days these sharpeners were made of wood and iron, nowadays even plastic material is also oriented with a steel blade with small screw for fixing perfect position. Every sharpener is made and highlighted with a blade. Observe these sharpeners can be classified under Desk Organizers, Calculator, Calenders etc.

Hand held pencil sharpener: If you use these tools you definitely are patient with the lead, because the possibility of sharping your pencil is more as compared to anyone. Observe clearly by removing the pencil every time you can check either pencil has shaped or not. By this process you can save the time and decreases the possibility of breakage too.  Make sure that don’t put pressure while sharpening sensitive color pencils because the possibility of breakage will be more. In simple rotate your color pencil for one time, make sure that pencil should get interact with the blade.

Cosmetic Sharpener: these special tools were made to share the cosmetic accessories like eyeliners and color pencils. Observe the graphite inside the pencil will be more sensitive so that to prevent from breakage use these sharpeners with gentle pressure. 

Sandpaper blocks: By the name itself derives the easy way for utilizing. Mostly this sandpaper blocks product is used for sharp colored pencils. For looking these are very small and come with lightweight. 

Battery operated pencil sharpeners: These promotional products are very common models available in the market. Coming with the features these easy to use , compact and comfortable as portable. The functionality is very simply by inserting the pencil into this sharpener will automatically sharpen the  tip of any shaped pencil.

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