Monday, 17 June 2013

Promotional Magnifiers a Part of your Marketing Campaign

As part of visual inspection these promotional tool magnifier plays an important role for studying and observing.  These are the oldest devices which are being used from the first century AD.  In order to improve the sight vision Romans first discovered these magnifier glasses. Later the Egyptians made these magnifiers with the clear crystal glass where mostly used for observing the smaller objects. 

Depending upon the thicker and thinner of the glass this Promotional Magnifiers are fictionalized. Some of the Roman people started to make a fire from this object by focusing constantly towards the sun rays. With the principle of heat at peak point these were named as “burning glasses”.  

How this Magnifiers works?

From the concept of light these Magnifiers are developed and manufactured. For viewing the object or image into larger position by utilizing light theory of bending this device has been focused. Depending upon the lens curvature with the light concept this magnification principle worked for smaller to larger objects.  Make sure that the greater curvature this lens powers the magnification either to small or large. 

Nowadays these Modern magnifying glasses are available with double-convex lenses where to appear larger in size of an object. Observe that the lens are convex on both sides, but thicker at the center. Study that the light passing through this lens are bent towards the center point of the lens, so that the object which you are targeting will appear larger than the original. Make sure that for each and every magnifying glass you have a specific focal length. This parameter describes the distance from the target point to the center of the lens. In simple this focal length is described with the radius of the curve on the lens and the light which bends towards the light. 

With the different configuration these Custom Magnifiers are being manufactured and utilized for many purposes. Observe that the very basic magnifying glass is fixed to a handle which are made with stiff material for comfort grip. Of course from the size of the glass these products are available in the market. Like round compact pocket glasses to rectangular full-page magnifier. Like this there are many different types of magnifiers in the market and named them as loops, linen testers, watchmaker's Loupes, Aspheric, lighted, folding pocket, etc. As per the requirement and need of utilization these are chosen for many purposes. 

For the promotional activity these are chosen as the perfect marketing tool for any business campaign. Most of the business people love to print their company logo or brand name on the handle of the magnifier. For brand awareness these are targeted to the potential customers.

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